Our sieve drum is designed to be used in municipal waste sorting lines. The sieve can separate the dirt, sand,
organic particles 
and other small waste from the waste mass, which will be used as secondary raw material.
Thanks to the rotating drum, fine dirt 
and waste will be precipitated out of the sieve into the inside of the frame,
where the hoppers are mounted. From here the waste 
falls down onto the handling conveyor or directly into
the containers.


The drum sieve is mounted on frame construction, which is also fitted with drum drive reduction gear and clutch. The drum is 
driven by an electric motor with power adequate to the size and efficiency of the sieve. 
The sieve drum can be equipped with different meshes covering various densities (openings from 20 to 100mm).

The sieve can be fitted with a special brush for cleaning the drum sieve. The brush is driven by a separate hydraulic drive. 
This brush is recommended for the treatment of the sieve mesh, especially when the unit is installed outdoor.