WPE 50

The scales-packer serves for an automatic batching – weighing according to the weight of vegetables: potatoes, onions, beet etc. The device has two feeding belts 300 and 100 mm wide.

The narrow belt (100 mm) a so-called tare-weighing belt delivers at the end of weighing a single piece to avoid
over-weighing. The wide belt (300 mm) is provided with four rows of rubber ribs – h=50 mm, arranged in a

The wide belt is driven by a two-gear motor to increase the capacity, when packing larger portions (25–50 kg).
This machine can run automatically or manually – hand operated.

The weigher-packer has four wheels and four thread-adjusted legs to adjust its working height.

Agricultural Machinery

Technical data

WPE 50

Weighing range: 2,5 – 50 kg
Capacity: 900 – 2000 kg/h
Chassis: 4 wheels (2 pivot wheels)
Bin capacity: Up to 50 kg
Length: 2750 – 3100 mm
Height: 2160 mm
Width: 1200 mm