A selecting table serves for manual selection, i.e. for elimination, removal of a damaged material and dirt.

On the table you can select/sort out potatoes, onions, beet, carrot and other root vegetables and fruits. These products lying in one layer on the surface of rolls move at an infinitely adjusted speed forwards while rotating
around their axes, so that one can well see their quality.

We manufacture tables in a standing or sitting version (operators position). The machine has four wheels and
a lamp to illuminate the working surface. The working surface can be divided with laths forming channels, e.g.
for two dimensional fractions and for waste. At the table end there can be a chute or a sacking device for four sacks, as selected. Tables can serve as a sub-assembly for sorting sets: ZS 140, ZS 180, M 612.

Agricultural Machinery

Technical data

Table Width: 0.7, 0.85, 1.1, 1.2, 1.4 m
Length: 1.5 – 4 m
Adjusted height of the working surface
Drive: geared motor of the infinitely adjusted speed Capacity: 4 – 10 t/h