M 612

An M 612 set is designed to sort potatoes, onions into four dimensional fractions. The set consists of a feed conveyor, a sorter and a roller selecting table – the whole set is driven by a three-phase motor. 

The Sorter is equipped with three interchangeable sieves with external dimensions 112 x 60 cm and of the square mesh size to the customer’s choice – 25 x 25 mm to 90 x 90 mm – at a 1 mm graduation – and with a one so-called fixed grate to receive a so-called sub-sieve fraction, i.e. the smallest of the material to be sorted. 

The selecting table is equipped with 50 mm dia. rollers on which hand selection takes place and damaged pieces are removed. The table is equipped with a lighting and at the end of it there is a set for 4 sacks. The M 612 set is provided with four wheels and a tow bar and thread-adjusted stationary legs for a stationary operation.

Our set can also be produced as a divisible version consisting of a feeding conveyor, a sorter, and a selection table, all of them provided with independent drives.


Agricultural Machinery

Technical data

Width: 1500 mm
Length: 6500 mm
Height: 1900 mm
Capacity: up to 5 t/h
Number of sorted sizes: 4
Number of sieves: 3 (put on) + 1 (constant)
Power consumption: 0,75 kW
Weight: 550 kg