Sorting set ZS 180

A ZS 180 set is designed to sort and select potatoes, onions into four dimensional fractions.

A full set comprises three devices: a supply conveyor, a sorter and a selecting table. All these units are provided
with independent drives and can operate as a set or individually according to any technology as the need may
be. The ZS 180 sorter is equipped with an automatic sieve cleaning device to free sieves from a stuck material.

Each of these units is equipped with wheels enabling it to maneuver on a hard standing.

Due to the lighting of the table working surface removing damaged pieces is easier. The sorter is provided with
a control box. You can buy a full set or its individual units.

Agricultural Machinery

Technical data

– length: 3 m
– width: 1.4 m
– height: 2.6 m
– weight: 0.3 t
– capacity – adjusted
– motor power: 0.55 kW 

– length: 4 m
– width: 1.7 m
– height: 2.2 m
– weight: 0.7 t
– sieves dimensions: 1 x 1.8 m
– capacity up to 12 t/h
– motor power: 1.5 kW

Selecting table:
– length: 2.5 m
– width: 1.1 m
– height: 1.8 m
– weight: 0.3 t
– capacity – adjusted
– motor power: 0.75 kW